CAST: Wang Zi Qi, Wang Yu Wen,

DIRECTOR: Ding Ying Zhou

This rom com brings back the adorable lead pair from “Once We Get Married” in an unbeatable chemistry to tell the story of Min Hui and Xin Qi; who meet after five years of her abandoning him after the had proposed to her.

Things between them are complicated now that they come across each other again . Min Hui is the Director R&D for a Med Tech company and Xin Qi , who has just returned back to China- is a Unicorn Investor who is touted to be the “Warren Buffet” of China.

He comes across Min Hui at a business event where she is brazenly seducing a competitor. In a holy wine moment, Xin Qi saves her from a public humiliation but what later emerges is that she apparently acted in that manner to get an appointment with a Doctor she needed to perform a heart surgery on her five year old son Min Quan Quan.

Xin Qi is proud and petty and decides to give Min Hui a hard time for dumping him. The series goes back to an Epilogue of their past and it seems their past was full of secrets that we dont know yet in the ten episodes that are streaming on Tencent ( Four on Viki)

The Love You Give Me | Mainland China | Drama | Watch with English  Subtitles & More ✔️

Soon Xin Qi finds out that he is indeed the father of Min Hui’s son and as expected moves into her apartment to stay close to his arza.

The series is predictable and cute AF. Maybe it is because we are biased because of the earlier series these two starred in together, but when Qin Xi and Min Hui are on screen – they have crazy chemistry that burns it high.

There are two other romances happening in the periphery but we couldn’t be  bothered. The clever and the cunning of both the main leads is engaging, funny and really creates enough hooks for us not to stop binging.

This series is based on a novel by Shi Ding Rou.

Current Mainland Chinese Drama] The Love You Give Me 你给我的喜欢, premiered  April 24, starring Wang Zi Qi & Wang Yu Wen - Mainland China - Soompi Forums




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