CAST: Zhang Xiao Fei, Huang Xiao Ming, Li Ze Feng, Jenny Zhang

DIRECTOR: Teng Hua Tao and Wang Wei

What would you do if you find out that your husband of years was cheating on you? Scream, shout and storm out? Probably.

Most women who do this miss out on their due. Emotion takes over logic. But not for Lin Shuang ( Zhang Xiao Fei). Once a top computer science student at Jiang University, she fell in love with Wei Ming (Li Ze Feng), who she thought was the man of her dreams.

Like many women, smart and strong, she sacrificed her career so he could build his and became a happy housewife, whose life revolved around him, their daughter, her activities and playing cook, caterer, nanny, driver, courier and maid servant to her husband and his very demanding parents.

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Her life comes tumbling down when she discovers an embellished nail in his clothes and smells a certain fragrance from his dirty laundry. Suspicious about him, she makes a surprise visit to his office to figure out who might have lost her crystal studded nail. Her investigation leads to the revelation of her husband’s affair with  Jiang Xi (Jenny Zhang), his subordinate at work.

Jaing Xi is madly in love with Wei Ming and also believes his story about him being in a loveless marraige with his wife. Doesn’t that story get you talking with men every time.

Instead of questioning her husband and screaming at his lover, Lin Shuang takes a logical measured approach to the situation. Refusing to accept anything less than what she deserves , she gets counsel from a divorce lawyer and starts preparing , investigating and documenting evidence that will not only safeguard her financial security but also make sure she keeps custody of her daughter.

In that process, she enlists her husband’s lover as an ally. She offers Jaing Xi a deal where in exchange for handing over her husband to his lover; Jaing Xi would help her get evidence to secure her future with her kid.

Lin Shuang starts applying for jobs but after a long gap in her career she gets rejections. Finally at an opportunity where her interviewer is her frenemy and rival classmate  Gu Xu (Huang Xiao Ming), he throws her into the reality of her situation. In a market where things develop every day as technology updates; her skill sets were outdated.

Lin Shuang enrolls herself into school again and refreshes her skills. When she is hired by Gu Xu’s company, she is elated and works hard to prove herself at the workplace.

Things change between Jaing Xi and Ze Feng. Jaing Xi is thrown under the bus by him when he has made the most of her skills to climb the corporate ladder. Enters another woman who falls in love with Wei Ming’s sob story- only this time – Huang Jia Yi ( Zhao Xin) is the daughter of the largest shareholder of his company.

Meanwhile, hungry to be the the Vice President, Wei Ming tries to approach Gu Xu for an alliance in business. Gu Xu does not know the situation that Lin Shaung is facing but steps in with Jaing Xi to set Wei Ming up at the behest of Lin Shaung’s father ( Who is also Gu Xu’s mentor and revered teacher)

As things fall into place and Lin Shaung secures her position in job and accumulates evidence; the battle starts.

The series is extremely well dramatized with an excellent plot. Wei Ming’s parents are disgusting in their greed and distrust of Lin Shuang. They teach their son how to hide his assets from his wife and try to scam her into paying them money. Infact when he is finally promoted to be Vice President, they even mention that he can get married again to a younger woman in front of Lin Shuang.

Wei Ming is the man who likes to control every aspect of his wife’s life. Instead of being proud of her, he puts her down. When he realizes that she has a job, he even tries his best to get her to leave her. The argument is the same. Men are supposed to take care of money, women the house.

Lin Shuang’s steely resolve is very well articulated by Zhang Xiao Fei. Gu Xu’s single minded pursuit of excellence and his broken crushed heart for not being able to court Lin Shuang is in Huang Xiao Ming eyes. The chemistry between them is palpable. Li Ze Feng is excellent as the disgustingly patriarchal Wei Ming and Jenny Zhang brings oompf to Jiang Xi’s character who is worldly wise yet vulnerable.

Overall, a great show which realistically articulates the conundrum of women who spend their entire lives in a world that does not belong to them at all.

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