Would you hire a person who wrote these stories, asks Nilanjana
Why would OTT not pick these writers and improve the writing?
All the Tv shows are available for catch up on their platforms for people to watch anytime so the streamers would not compete with them.
When we asked focus groups why young south asians wouldn’t tell other people openly that they watch Hindi serials, they said that they would get ridiculed for it since these shows are so senseless.
After 5 years, Netflix and other providers are now picking up television writers for creating content.
Regressive television shows or Indian television shows might be the best content for the trollers and the meme creators, but have you ever thought why they get so much TRP and popularity?
Indian television shows aim for a particular set of audience, for instance – the Indian housewife community- who don’t have to sit down to watch the shows – these are noise in the background even for them. They dont have to delve deep to understand their meaning and the situations are easier to understand as these are regressive enough towards women as their lives are.
Also, women friendly content is tuned off by the family since television watching is still a family activity and the decision to watch shows still lies with the men of the house.

The plot is easy to grasp and digest and are also very easy on the eyes.
Writing strong female characters has been a challenge and audiences do not like exceptionally feminist stands.

Our 10 part series #bytheway is our chat about Regressive shows on indian television. In conversation with Nilanjana Purkayasstha

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