CAST: Sushmita Sen, Illa Arun, Indraneil Sengupta, Viren Vazrani,

DIRECTOR: Ram Madhvani

Aarya has been a personal favorite of ours since its first season. Disney Hotstar dropped four episodes of Season 3, which might be Part 1 of a long Season.

As the previous chapter closed, Aarya had ascended to the role of a mafia leader. The inaugural life she claimed with her own hands was that of her flesh and blood, her father. The ease with which she executed the act shook her, not because of his identity but because he was another human being.

With the dawn of Season 3, we witness Aarya seizing control. The season opens with a montage, underscored by the poignant tune from her late spouse Tej’s memorial, “Bade Acche Lagte Hain,” which is soon overtaken by a more potent, crime-laden melody. Clad in a dark hooded robe, Sushmita stands, a cigar in hand, surveying the empire she commands from the solitude of her stronghold.

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In Season 3, Sushmita evolves from the frightened mother portrayed in the initial seasons into a formidable matriarch. This shift is rendered believable and seamless through her portrayal, imbued with a commanding presence born of newly embraced authority. Yet, she skillfully allows glimpses of the vulnerable Aarya to emerge intermittently, ensuring her origins are not forgotten.

This evolution presents a complex challenge for an actress whose role has been anchored in openness and emotional rawness. Sushmita navigates Aarya’s newfound empowerment with a flair that suggests she’s relishing a novel challenge. Her transformation is accentuated by her wardrobe of stark black, symbolizing power. She is often depicted in sharp angles as if to shield her gaze from meeting the camera directly. It is through her eyes that the lingering traces of trepidation, now coupled with the burdens of power, are most poignantly exposed.

Indraneil Sengupta steps into the role of Suraj, Nandini’s spouse, whose life is cut short by Maya in the second season. Intriguingly, this isn’t the actor’s first portrayal of a character entangled with a determined mother’s quest, having previously encountered one in Sujoy Ghosh’s “Kahaani” (2012). In this series, he is afforded more narrative space and depth.

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Mirroring Sushmita’s approach, Indraneil presents his character with a hardened, impenetrable exterior, transforming grief into a quest for retribution. Yet, it is during the brief, soft moments when the camera lingers on his visage that his eyes betray a profound expressiveness, speaking volumes without words.

A fresh adversary enters the fray as Nalini Sahiba (portrayed by Ila Arun), who embodies poise and strategic acumen that far surpasses Aarya’s self-regard, magnified tenfold. She is depicted as a formidable don with extensive connections, commanding an armed entourage, and a single working mother who has adeptly recaptured what her husband once lost. Nalini is introduced as a majestic huntress, a lioness in her own right, setting the stage for a clash in a world where Aarya too, is seen as a lioness. Ila brings to her role a dignified grace interspersed with a teasing danger, hinting at a potential explosion of her character in Part 2.

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The narrative also revisits well-known adversaries like ACP Khan and the Russians, yet the most significant challenge Aarya faces is the erosion of her moral compass. While these villains provide the narrative’s rhythm, the true essence of the story lies in Aarya’s struggle to shield her children from the darkest parts of herself. She grapples with external threats, now more manageable with her newfound resources, but the more arduous conflict is the one raging within her.

Viren Vazrani, portraying Aarya’s eldest, Veer, steps into the spotlight this season. His character offers a glimpse into what Tej might have become if Aarya had chosen her family’s legacy over her husband’s path. Viren delivers a performance marked by confidence and a readiness to challenge, particularly in scenes opposite Sushmita, where Veer forces his mother to confront harsh truths.

Aarya’s journey is fraught with peril, yet her resolve to persevere wins our support repeatedly. At her core, she is a working mother, a woman who has faced deception and manipulation by men throughout her life yet remains unwavering in her pursuit of a brighter future for her children. It is this pursuit that forms the crux of Aarya’s story: the poignant irony of evolving into the very thing you once feared.

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