Notable Artists: H.O.T, SHINEE, Hwasa, Tomorrow x Together, EXO, Stray Kids, Enhypen, LE SSERAFIM


K-Pop Generation is the new South Korean docu-series that explains the evolution of K-Pop as the genre enters its fourth generation. As K-pop continues to grow in global popularity, K-Pop Generation interviews fans, industry experts, and idols as it dives deeper into how the industry has progressed and transformed into what it is today.

Although only a few episodes have been released, the documentary does an interesting job at layering in multiple perspectives and effectively portraying that the artists’ success is a direct result of everyone’s efforts. The series explains how fandoms have evolved and the rationale for why fans devote their time, money, and energy to their favorite artists. It also features the perspectives of the artists themselves, however it also interviews numerous fans to help viewers understand why they are so supportive. Rather than seeing it as a business, both the artists and their fans understand the importance of one another’s roles in their success. 

Additionally, the series explains how K-Pop is more than just a genre and how it is an industry. Although fans only see the final songs and performances, K-Pop Generation highlights how these final works are a direct result of intense, cross-functional collaboration with the artists, production / videography crew, and stylists.



The more I watch K-Pop Generation, the more I am impressed with the K-Pop industry. Although some may only see K-Pop as a music genre, the strides taken in the past few decades definitely makes it reasonable to view it as something more than just music. Unlike Western artists, K-Pop artists have a high-level of interaction with their fans. From the overall marketing to developing new technology and platforms to help create a closer, more personalized level of engagement, K-Pop fans and artists are capable of creating a sense of constant communication with one another. The 1-1 and group interviews of the various artists / groups added a very refreshing perspective as you can hear their gratitude and genuine appreciation and love for their fans.

The high attention to eye-catching details and performances have helped develop other forms of art beyond music. Stylists, videographers, dancers, and set builders have greatly benefited from the K-Pop industry as agencies compete with one another to create memorable music videos and performances to capture each song’s meaning. Additionally, small businesses such as cafes and advertising agencies have also enjoyed the growing popularity of K-Pop as loyal fans purchase ads or host events at various shops to foster a sense of community while supporting their beloved artists. 

New episodes are currently released on Viki!

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